Tour Prices

Vietnam’s Unseen Corners
Tour Dates: June 6 – June 12 2014
Trip Code: VUC140612
Duration – 7 Days
Tour Price:$878.00 USD
Deposit Required:$250.00 USD
Single Supplement:$160.00 USD

Rice Terraces of the North
Tour Dates: Sept 19 – Sept 25 2014
Trip Code: RTN140919
Duration – 7 Days
Tour Price:$735.00 USD
Deposit Required:$126.00 USD
Single Supplement:$120.00 USD

Tribal Culture Insight
Tour Dates:Oct 2 – Oct 8 2014
Trip Code:TCI141002
Duration – 7 Days
Tour Price:$872.00 USD
Deposit Required:$200.00 USD
Single Supplement:$149.00 USD

North Vietnam Explorer
Tour Dates: May 6 – May 12 2015
Trip Code:NVE150506
Duration – 7 Days
Tour Price:$975.00 USD
Deposit Required:$200.00 USD
Single Supplement:$192.00 USD

Northern Grand Expedition
Tour Dates: Sept 16 – Oct 1 2015
Trip Code: NGE150916
Duration – 16 Days
Tour Price:$3969.00 USD
Deposit Required:$390.00 USD
Single Supplement:$455.00 USD

Please enquire about a group discount. All prices are subject to change at our discretion. However, once you have paid your deposit the price will remain the same as the published price at the time of receiving your deposit.

Tours itineraries may vary from what is stated due to natural disasters, civil unrest or other unforeseen circumstances.